Fiber Processing

Creating a masterpiece takes time.

Let us help you get excited about fiber processing!  Ship your wool, meet us at a FIBER FESTlVAL to drop your wool off or visit our facility with your wool to see why we LOVE what we do!

How To Ship Your Fleece

We love shearing day!  After your animals are sheared, we look forward to receiving your fiber here at Zeilinger Wool.  When packing up your fleece for it's trip to Zeilinger Wool, we would appreciate for you to insert an ORDER FORM with it so we can see the exciting journey you have chosen for your wool!  

How do I pack my wool/fleece to send?  For best results, you can put your wool in space saver bags and extract the air out.  This procedure packs plenty of wool in one box for saving on shipping costs.  If you don't have access to space saver bags, packing them in regular garbage bags and doing your best to extract the air out will get the job done.  

What if I have more than 100 pounds?  Shipping 100 pounds or more is eligible for freight shipping at a reduced cost to you.  Please CONTACT US to arrange your cost saving freight shipment!  

We have some guidelines for processing.  Take a look HERE.  

Order Forms