Fiber Processing Simplified

Transform your raw fiber into something spectacular.  Become a member of the Zeilinger Wool Company Family today!

Zeilinger Wool Monthly Discount

Discount available until April 30th, 2020!! 

$7.00/lb Roving and Batting for Medium Fiber, $8.00 for Fine Fiber.  $13.00/ lb for Combed Top.

Fiber Processing


Spin your fiber into yarn that you will love.

Yarn Pricing


Let us do the knitting.  Click to see your options.

Sock Pricing

Roving and Batting

Transform your washed fleece into beautiful roving or batting.

Roving and Batting Pricing


All your wholesale fiber needs!

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Wool Filled Bedding

Treat yourself with a wool filled comforter, pillow or mattress pad from your wool.  

Bedding Pricing

Fiber Festivals

Come see us at a Fiber Festival!  You can drop off wool or just stop and say hi.

Fiber Festival Schedule


From flock to fiber.


Sit back and watch me grow!


Friendly for Mother Earth.


Withstanding the test of time.