A Message from Zeilinger Wool Company

For almost 115 years, we have been privileged and grateful to serve the fiber community. 

The fiber industry has been a part of our family’s lives for so many generations that in fact, all of you feel like family. Our passion for this business has brought us many connections and experiences we cherish. 

 With deep sincere thanks for welcoming us into your lives, Zeilinger Wool Company announces we are no longer operating as a fiber processor.  

To close our doors has been a difficult, heavy-hearted decision made with many alternative avenues explored. The best answer as a small business owner and for our family is to look to future endeavors and life paths while keeping the fiber community’s valued relationship. 

 For our respected and loyal clients, we are glad to announce Jon Zeilinger will continue to serve the fiber industry in a new capacity as Sales Engineer for Crescent Woolen Mills. 

Crescent Woolen Mills located in Two Rivers, WI has an extensive generational commitment to the textile industry and is excited to welcome Jon Zeilinger with his level of skill and expertise. A commitment to processing the remainder of current Zeilinger Wool Co. customer and client fiber orders will be fulfilled by Crescent Woolen Mills. 

 The Zeilinger family appreciates, loves and respects the people of the North America fiber industry that provided us with lifetimes of laughter, hard work and wonderful shared memories we will treasure always. 

Thank you for your business. 

Jon and April Zeilinger 

Kathy Zeilinger 


 Crescent Woolen Mills 

E: marketing@crescentwoolenmills.com 

P: 920-793-3331