Roving, Pencil Roving & Pindrafting

Roving is fiber that has been made into a long "tube".  Roving is most used for spinning, felting and textile arts.  It can be made from all types of fiber.  After the fiber is washed and dried, it will be picked and then carded being made into roving.  Roving can be made in several different ways, it can be blended, swirled and variegated.  Pencil Roving is the carded wool that is just about to hit the spinning frame to be made into yarn.  This product is great for spinning and those who teach spinning classes love to buy our wool pencil roving for their students!  Pencil Roving is also great for felting and textile art.  Pindrafting is the aligning of your fibers parallel after it is made into roving.  The process of pindrafting is done after the fiber is made into roving. This is done for easier spinning.  Pindrafted roving can be put into bumps that are 1 pound however they can be made heavier.  Pindrafted roving can also be loose which is coiled in a bag.