Processing Your Fiber into Yarns

Our newly rebuilt carding machinery consists of a metallic breast, a cross lapper, three breakers and a condenser with 96 ends. We have a rebuilt the spinning frame, twister, coner, skeiner and a 48″ picker.

The minimum amount of fiber is 18# clean. The most cost effective processing for you, the customer, is at least 100# grease wool or 50# clean wool. We are capable of processing greater quantities. You must have at least 30 pounds of clean weight or more for bulky yarn.

The staple length must be 2″ and no longer than 6″. We strongly recommend that if your yarns are targeted for sock projects that 20 – 25% nylon be added. This will make the yarn stronger and will make the finished project more durable to wear.

A 25% -50% down payment is required when you send your fibers to be made into yarn. We have limited storage capability. A monthly fee of $20.00 per month will be charged after 30 days upon completion of your order.

There are 6 to 8 steps in the yarn making process. They are washing, picking/carding, spinning/twisting, coning, skeining and re-washing skeins. Click HERE for processing pricing.

Type of Yarn Yards per Pound
Wraps per Inch
Lace* 3000-5000 36-40
Fingering 1800-2400 24-30
Sport 1300-1800 18-24
DK 1000-1400 12-18
Worsted 900-1100 10-12
Bulky 400-700 <8
Chunky <400
*1 ply on cones minimum 10% nylon
*1 ply for machine knitting minimum 30% nylon
2 into 1 roving style yarn available, please call for details – 989.652.2920


WE CAN PROCESS 100% MOHAIR, LLAMA AND ALPACA – NOTE: 100% llama or alpaca yarn will have little or no memory. There will be greater loss due to no wool being added. Therefore, we highly recommend 20% fine or medium wool being added. (We cannot process 100% adult mohair into yarn, must add 15% – 20% wool.)


Price is based on finished weight. It is returned to you on paper cones.


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