Washing Your Fleeces

  • We can wash your Fine Wool and Exotic Fibers. They require at least 2 washes.
  • We can wash your Medium & Coarse Fibers.

Prices are for WASHING ONLY and NOT combined with any other services.  Any poundage over 300# or more refer to the washing chart.

NO discounts for washing only

The following chart is for large volumes of fiber to be scoured, and then processed by Zeilinger Wool at prewash prices.  Contact info@zwool.com.
Wool costs are based on medium wools.
Fine wools add 50 cents.

The washing rates are for a single run of fiber, not split up into 2-4 runs, etc.

Wool Suri Alpaca Huacaya Alpaca Mohair
300-400# 2.30 3.50 3.00 2.80
400-600# 1.75 2.70 2.25 2.00
600#+ 1.55 2.20 1.85 1.75

For Custom Felted Products visit: www.HeartfeltAlpaca.com

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