Zeilinger Wool Company can turn your extra fibers into SOCKS! Socks are another fiber product that customers love, even the non-fiber enthusiasts love them.


Fibers that are not suitable for any type of socks:

  • Llama with heavy guard hair
  • Icelandic with heavy guard hair (The outer coat is called the tog.)
  • Navajo Churro
  • Scottish Blackface
  • Karakul
  • Adult Lincoln
  • Cotswold
  • Adult Leicester Longwool

Suitable for terries but not crew socks:

  • Heavy Mohair Content (At least 30% wool for crew socks is necessary.)
  • Llama with light guard hair
  • Icelandic with light guard hair
  • Lincoln or Leicester Longwool lamb (this “might” work for crews as well)
  • Alpaca with guard hair or leg/neck/belly wool
  • Coarse Shetland
  • Coarse Border Leicester

We can evaluate a sample of any of these fibers but chances are, the coarse wools and heavy guard hair fleeces will not work for either crews or terry socks. Basically, for crews, we need to work with medium or medium/fine and fine wools not coarse wools and not anything with a coarse outer coat or heavy guard hair content.
No discounts on sock processing.

For more information or if you have a “sock” related inquiry, please call 989-652-2920 for more information or email.

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