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Zeilinger Wool Company can turn your extra fibers into SOCKS! Socks are another fiber product that customers love, even the non-fiber enthusiasts love them.

NEW at Zwool!
Wholesale Sock Pricing Structure!

We created a wholesale structure for our customers.

Fibers that are not suitable for any type of socks:

  • Llama with heavy guard hair
  • Icelandic with heavy guard hair (The outer coat is called the tog.)
  • Navajo Churro
  • Scottish Blackface
  • Karakul
  • Adult Lincoln
  • Cotswold
  • Adult Leicester Longwool

Suitable for terries but not crew socks:

  • Heavy Mohair Content (At least 30% wool for crew socks is necessary.)
  • Llama with light guard hair
  • Icelandic with light guard hair
  • Lincoln or Leicester Longwool lamb (this “might” work for crews as well)
  • Alpaca with guard hair or leg/neck/belly wool
  • Coarse Shetland
  • Coarse Border Leicester

We can evaluate a sample of any of these fibers but chances are, the coarse wools and heavy guard hair fleeces will not work for either crews or terry socks. Basically, for crews, we need to work with medium or medium/fine and fine wools not coarse wools and not anything with a coarse outer coat or heavy guard hair content.
No discounts on sock processing.

  • The price per pair includes all processes to make your Raw or Prewashed fiber into finished socks. Nylon will be added to your fiber, and is included.
  • No Additional charges except for dyeing, or the purchase of additional fiber from Zeilinger Wool Company to add to your sock order.
  • You can mix and match sizes and styles. However, there is a minimum of 1 Dozen for terri and 2 dozen for crew pairs per Size/Style.
  • In order to qualify for wholesale pricing, all fiber submitted in the order must be processed into socks.
  • Knee high lengths add $1.00 per pair.
  • A 25% – 50% down payment is required before processing the order.
  • Prices are according to total combined weight; raw or prewashed fiber.

For more information or if you have a “sock” related inquiry, please call 989-652-2920 for more information or email zwool@aol.com.

Wholesale Sock Pricing

Raw Fiber

  1. 100# or more raw fiber
    • Anklet and crew $10.70 a pair
    • Terri socks $14.95 a pair
  2. 50#-99# raw fiber
    • Anklet and crew $11.70 a pair
    • Terri socks $15.95 a pair
  3. 30#-49# raw fiber
    • Anklet and crew socks $12.70 a pair
    • Terri socks $17.95 a pair

Raw fiber weight MUST be 30# minimum.

Pre-washed Fibers

  1. 50# or more prewashed fiber
    • Anklet and crew will run $10.70 a pair
    • Terri socks $13.75 a pair
  2. #25-49# prewashed fiber
    • Anklet and crew socks $11.70 a pair
    • Terri sock $14.75 a pair.
  3. 15#-24# prewashed fiber
    • Anklet and crew socks $12.70 a pair
    • Terri socks $15.75 a pair

Pre-washed fiber weight MUST be 15# minimum.

*We encourage large lots of fiber to keep cost down*

If you already have yarn processed by another company or purchase the yarn from another company and would like the yarn made into socks the specification for pricing will be:

  • Anklets, crews, trousers, boots and any patterns ~ $7.50 per pair
  • Terry socks ~ $10.00 per pair

Note: Yarn must be 1-ply sock weight and on cones. Skeins will not be accepted. Zwool recommends that the yarn you purchase or your fibers that you have processed into sock yarn have nylon added for durability.

We guarantee you will receive you OWN wool back. The quality of your order will improve if you remove as much chap, burs and vegetable matter as possible.

The following chart is for large volumes of fiber to be scoured, and then processed by Zeilinger Wool at prewash prices. Contact gary@zwool.com, or info@zwool.com.
Wool costs are based on medium wools.
Fine wools add 50 cents.

The washing rates are for a single run of fiber, not split up into 2-4 runs, etc.

Wool Suri Alpaca Huacaya Alpaca Mohair
300-400# 2.30 3.50 3.00 2.80
400-600# 1.75 2.70 2.25 2.00
600#+ 1.55 2.20 1.85 1.75

For Custom Felted Products visit: www.HeartfeltAlpaca.com

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