Fiber Shipping Instructions, Freight Quotes,
And Bulk Quantities Of Fiber To Be Processed.

ATTENTION: Spinning Guilds and Fiber Customers. Call Zeilinger Wool at 989-652-2920 for freight quotes on 100# or more. Call or e-mail Zeilinger Wool for more information.

Zeilinger Wool Co. CANNOT be held responsible for any type of paper materials left in fleeces. To ensure the highest quality in processing, please make sure all paper materials are removed from fleeces BEFORE they are shipped for processing.

Quantities of 350# or more that are a single run.  Zeilinger Wool can arrange scouring.  The fiber would be shipped to Zeilinger Wool in bales, or large boxes which is the least expensive way to ship by freight.  Zeilinger Wool can arrange the freight shipment for a reasonable price. The fiber MUST be processed by Zeilinger Wool at prewash prices.  E-mail any questions, or to arrange shipping.

ZWOOL SHIPPING TIP: In order to cut down on YOUR shipping costs TO Zeilinger Wool Co., please pack as much as possible into each box being shipped. Separate runs on processing DO NOT need to be shipped in separate boxes. Just separate each run/type of processing with paper or pack in separate bags within the SAME shipping box. Shipping companies charge more by the actual dimensions, rather than the weight of each box shipped.

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