Picking & Carding

Picking and Carding your fibers into…

  • Battings for Comforters, Mattress Pads, Pillows.
  • Craft Wool for Felting, Spinning and other Fleece projects
  • Rovings for Handspinning and Fine Wool Crafts, you may choose from:
    1. Blending all fibers thoroughly prior to carding
    2. Spiral effect of fibers (fibers are placed on the feed table in equal 
amounts side by side)
    3. Variegating effect of fibers (not thoroughly blended)
  • 4. Combing Fibers for Combed Tops

Carding Appointments for Prewashed Fiber

  • Schedule a Pre-Appointment for same day carding. Please call us at 1-989-652-2920 to make an appointment.

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