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Requirements and/or Guidelines for Processing

These requirements and/or guidelines are meant as an educational tool for you and to create an understanding of what our fiber mill expects from you to process a successful return. These are general pricing guidelines; every fiber is different, and it may require additional techniques to process at which may be an added expense forwarded to you. Your success is our success and we ask that you trust us, we have been doing processing fibers for a very long time (over a century).

  • What you send is what we return. Each bag of fiber is handled individually unless otherwise indicated by you. You will get your fiber back.
  • Skirting your fiber well is a beautiful thing. We do not skirt fleeces. Submitting your best work returns a better-quality product back to you. Extremely dirty fleeces will be washed more than once at a cost passed on to you and it is our judgement call. Our machinery’s life must be taken care of and we reserve the right to do be an advocate on behalf of it.
  • Submitting a satisfactory staple length can help with minimal fiber loss and can help with increase efficiency in processing. Please submit in staple lengths between 2 to 6 inches.
  • There will be instances that your fiber can not be processed into what you desire. While it doesn’t happen often, when it does we will call and talk to you about your processing options. We want to ensure that you are satisfied with product we return to you.
  • Exotic fibers may need wool added to process properly. We reserve the right to add wool if needed, unless you specify in your instructions not to do so. Exotic fibers include but are not limited to llama, alpaca, angora, dog hair, camel, mohair and fine wools. Fine wools include but are not limited to merino, cormo, correidale, rambouillet, polwarth, bond, targhee, columbia and crosses of these breeds. In most cases we can feel the fiber in our fingertips and know how we need to proceed to have a successful run.
  • Pre-washed fiber will be evaluated and must be approved by a senior technician of Zeilinger Wool Company before we will accept it to waive the washing charges.
  • ZWC will not accept any fiber that has the presence or history of having moths or if the fiber has mothballs in it. The mill will return the fiber to you and you will be charged return shipping.
  • >ZWC requires a deposit of 50% on your order before processing. You will be notified when your order is complete, and we will ask that the balance owed along with shipping be paid in full before we ship. Payment is required 14 days after order is complete unless payment arrangements have been made, a late fee will be accessed as well as storage fees every month that your finished order is at our mill. Orders left unpaid for 90 days will become the property of Zeilinger Wool Company and/or may be subject to legal action.
  • Wait times are an estimate not a guarantee. There are too many variables to guarantee the wait time.
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