Dehairing Your Fibers

Buffalo fiber should be at least 4” or longer. Less than 4” is difficult to dehair, and greater loss of fiber in the dehairing process.

All dehair prewash orders MUST be rewashed by Zeilinger Wool Co.  Zeilinger Wool has encountered too many mechanical problems with prewash fiber.

Some fibers need to be dehaired to get out the guard hairs that make the product too coarse to wear. We have a new dehairing machine that provides that service. This is suited best for Llama, Cashmere, Camel, Qiviut, etc. (Fibers that have coarse unmanageable hair.).

Cashmere and Musk Ox may noil or pill in the dehairing process.

The dehairing service involves washing, picking, carding and two passes through the dehairing machine. As much as 99% dehairing will take place from the fiber. The fiber loss is usually around 50%. The return includes the by product which may have use in other applications such as felting and the dehaired fiber which can then be made into roving, batting, pencil roving, combed top or yarn.

The price then will be the pre-washed price for the individual service (procedure).

No minimum fiber is required. 4-6 inch staple length works the best for maximum dehairing. Staple length of 7 inches or more can be dehaired, but some guard hairs will remain in fiber. The process includes washing, picking, pre-carding and up to 1 pass through our 4-section dehairing machine.

The following chart is for large volumes of fiber to be scoured, and then processed by Zeilinger Wool at prewash prices. Contact
Wool costs are based on medium wools.

The washing rates are for a single run of fiber, not split up into 2-4 runs, etc.

Wool Suri Alpaca Huacaya Alpaca Mohair
300-400# 2.40 3.60 3.10 2.90
400-600# 1.785 2.80 2.35 2.10
600#+ 1.65 2.30 1.95 1.78


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