Making Your Fibers into Combed Tops

Combed Tops

1-299 pounds washing is $5.35 per lb.  Any poundage 300# or more refer to the washing chart.

Zeilinger Wool Co. can also make your fibers into a “worsted combed top”. During the processing of the fiber, all noils and short fiber is removed. The end product leaves you with a perfect parallel fiber. The advantage to a top is being able to spin faster than a regular roving and a much finer or thinner yarn. One of our customers even makes lace out of her “tops”. We recommend a 3″ or longer staple. Wools that comb the best are fine and medium wools. We also comb coarse wools and blends of wool with mohair, alpaca, llama, etc. There is a greater fiber loss due to a greater amount of processing. We need approximately 10 pounds of raw fiber or 5 pounds of washed fiber with complete removal of all lanolin per lot in order to process your wool into “tops”. Please see below for “top” pricing or if you would like more detailed information on “tops”, please call 1-989-652-2920.
  • Prices include washing, carding/pricking and processing your fibers into combed tops.
Your raw wool’s processed into COMBED TOP
10 lbs. or more per run at $14.60 per lb.

Your prewashed wool’s processed into COMBED TOP

5 lbs. per run or more at $12.60 per lb.

Anything less is $15.60 per pound raw NO DISCOUNT, $14.10 per pound prewash

Super fine wools will noil or pill in the carding process. To avoid this we recommend combed tops to remove these noils and sharp fibers.

Thick tops pin drafted into a bump is $2.00 a pound.  Price is based on finished weight of the bumps.


The following chart is for large volumes of fiber to be scoured, and then processed by Zeilinger Wool at prewash prices. Contact, or
Wool costs are based on medium wools.
Fine wools add 50 cents.

The washing rates are for a single run of fiber, not split up into 2-4 runs, etc.

Wool Suri Alpaca Huacaya Alpaca Mohair
300-400# 2.40 3.60 3.10 2.90
400-600# 1.85 2.80 2.35 2.10
600#+ 1.65 2.30 1.95 1.78

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