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If you have any questions regarding your fiber or sock orders, please call the mill and someone will be happy to consult with you.When evaluating your fleeces to send it for sock processing, please bear these points in mind.

• Very coarse fiber such as Cotswold, Navajo Churro, Lincoln, etc are not suitable for sock knitting. (Lamb fleeces of certain breeds may be suitable for sock processing. Please call the mill or send in a fleece sample.)

• Anything with coarse guard hair remaining in the fleece is not suitable for socks.

• Very short staple length is not suitable for socks.

• Fibers without a “memory” of their own such as mohair, alpaca, llama etc. will need the addition of some wool in order to create a long-wearing sock that will hold its shape and create a thicker end fabric in the knitting process.

• Mohair without at least 30% (preferably more) wool added cannot be knit at this time.

• We do not knit 100% alpaca socks. We require at least the addition of 20% wool for sock processing.

Please keep in mind that sending in seconds such as leg, neck or belly wool or fleeces with guard hair will compromise the quality of your finished product and will likely cause an unpleasant feel when worn next to the skin. Good socks are made with good fiber and we encourage you to send in first quality fleeces for sock processing. This doesn’t always mean the softest fleece … oftentimes good medium wools make perfect socks: still soft enough but good and sturdy. Fleeces with guard hair, large amounts of vegetative matter, or very short staple lengths will not create the sturdy finished product customers desire.

All Zeilinger Wool socks have 30% nylon added to the washed weight of the fiber you send in included in the price. This is mandatory for the longevity of the finished product and its strength.

Our goal is to provide you with the best quality socks from your fleeces and will work with you to find the best combination of fleeces and fiber for your sock processing needs. We are custom processors and are happy to consult with you.

We currently offer terry socks, crew socks of all styles … boot length, crew length and quarter sock length. We also offer old fashioned knee and trouser length socks. Our turn-around time on sock orders is approximately one year. All crew and knee socks are knit in-house at this time. Crew socks and old fashioned socks are wonderful four season products … we wear wool socks all year long up here in the north and a nice lighter weight pair of quarter or crew socks helps keep your feet dry in even the warmer months.

Dark Terri Wool Socks – $25.00/pair

Wool Crew Socks Grey, Brown, Black and White

Knee High Wool Socks

Wool Boot Socks – Gray

Wool Anklet Socks

For Custom Felted Products visit: www.HeartfeltAlpaca.com

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