We will launder your wool bed accessories including comforters, quilts, mattress pads and pillow.

Comforter/Quilt – 45″ x 60″ or 60″ x 90″ $27.00
Comforter/Quilt – 72″ x 90″ or 81″ x 90″ $32.00
Comforter/Quilt – 90″ x 90″ or 108″ x 90″ $39.00
Mattress Pads – Standard $42.00
Pillows $49.00 per pair

Laundering Tip: You will get the best results if you wash your comforter in a large tub. Put warm water in the tub FIRST along with a reasonable amount of mild detergent. Then ADD the comforter. Soak. Rinse with warm water. If possible, line dry on a windy day. Additional airing on windy days will help keep your woolen comforter and pads fresh and fluffy.

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