Re”NEW” Your Wool Bedding, Comforters and Mattress Pads

After a number of years of use, your woolen bedding, comforters and mattress pads will need a new lift. Don’t throw it away, bring it to us for a tune-up.

Each woolen bedding product will be processed according to the customer’s individual needs. We can change the size of your existing wool item to any size by adding or subtracting wool. We recommend the following procedure:

  • Remove all old coverings from your wool comforter or mattress pads to avoid additional costs.
  • Washing and carding rates are $10.00 per pound.
  • Processing will make the wool lose some of its weight. New wool can be added in 1/2 pound increments for $22.00 per pound or $11.00 per 1/2 pound.
  • We recommend a lining to keep the wool in place.

Re”NEW” Your Wool Bedding Service

  • Lined Wool Batts
  • Custom Wool Coverings
  • Wool Mattress Pads‚Ä®Laundering

Lined Wool Batts

These lining and labor costs plus the carding and new wool prices above will give you a re-processed lined wool batt that you can put your own covering on.

45″ x 60″ Crib $16.64
45″ x 72″ Lap $20.00
60″ x 90″ Twin $33.30
72″ x 90 ” Full $40.00
81″ x 90″ Wide Full $45.00
90″ x 90″ Queen $50.00
108″ x 90″ King $60.00


Renewing, Recarding or Renovating Your Used Woolen Comforter

If you prefer, we will finish your lined batt with an outer covering of our fabrics, hand-tied by our expert staff. We will send you color swatches and prices per yard from our inventory so you can choose the best shade for you. Please state a color preference (blues, greens, pinks, etc.). The following is a list of the quantities of fabric needed to complete each standard sized comforter and labor fees. However labor fees are dropped from the lining cost when we create “made especially for you” hand-tied comforter covering.

  • Recarding and replacing fabric on Comforters is $10/lb.

Please send us your choice of fabric from one of our favorites: Joann Fabrics, Fabric Depot or Fmart. Or send us your fabric from your own selection.

45″ x 60″ Crib 3 1/3 yds. plus $50.00 labor
45″ x 72″ Lap 4 yds. plus $55.00 labor
60″ x 90″ Twin 6 2/3 yds. plus $80.00 labor
72″ x 90 ” Double 8 yds. plus $80.00 labor
81″ x 90″ Wide Double 9 yds. plus $105.00 labor
90″ x 90″ Queen 10 yds. plus $110.00 labor
108″ x 90″ King 12 yds. plus $120.00 labor

Pricing for Redoing Your Wool Mattress Pads

The combined prices, along with carding charges, will give a total price for re-carded mattress pads.


  • Washing and carding rates are $10.00 per pound.

Labor Charges

Size Cotton Ticking Standard
Twin $27.00 $100.00
Full $39.60 $120.00
Queen $45.00 $120.00
King $57.00 $130.00



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